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Are you interested in finding ways to contribute to the income of your household? As a mother who stays at home to care for her children, you might not believe that you have the skills necessary to engage in activities that will result in financial gain without first finding paid employment. On the other hand, you most likely already possess a wide variety of skills, or you have the ability to acquire new ones, that would enable you to make money without having to leave the house or seek out childcare for your children.

Making a Sale of Unused Items

It's possible that the quickest way for mothers to make money is through decluttering their homes and selling things they no longer need. Facebook Marketplace makes it very simple to connect with buyers in your area who might be interested in something you don't have an interest in selling. Even if no one in your immediate area is interested in purchasing your used items, you can always list them on eBay to get more exposure online. 

The process of reselling items in this manner has the potential to develop into a full-time business for stay-at-home mothers. After doing some investigation, you might find that there are various ways to acquire inventory, which you can then resell for a profit. 

Check around your area for wholesale liquidation centers to see if there are any. They might sell merchandise for a fraction of the price that is available at other retailers such as Walmart or Amazon. In point of fact, many liquidation centers sell perfectly good products by the pallet at significant discounts in many cases. After that, you can resell these items on the Facebook Marketplace or on eBay. 

Another concept that is very similar to this one is called arbitrage, which entails selling things on behalf of other people in order to earn a commission for yourself. There are a lot of people out there who have items that they want to sell, but they might not have the time or the expertise to deal with selling those items. For instance, you might have a friend who has a sizable collection of baseball trading cards. It is possible for him to hand over his collection to you so that you can sell it online or locally on Facebook. 

The fact that you receive 20% of the profits from the sales There is a significant benefit for you. If you end up selling all the cards for $5000, that’s a nice $1000 for your time.

Word of mouth is powerful. When your friend discovers that you are able to move their baseball card collection, they will most certainly tell their other friends who also have card collections gathering dust in their basements.


Babysitting can be an easy way to make money, especially if you are already responsible for the care of young children on a daily basis. Your first option is to make yourself available to babysit the children of friends and family. You could find two to three more children to watch for additional compensation if you advertise your services on local Facebook groups as well. 

You could charge between $50 and $100 per child, every single week, depending on their ages. Compared to older kids, who can take care of themselves a bit more, babies usually cost more because they need to be fed and have their diapers changed more often. Your neighborhood will become more cohesive as a result of this, and your children will have a better chance of developing friendships that will last a lifetime.

Virtual Assistant

As a stay-at-home mother, having access to dependable internet service and a computer can provide you with even more opportunities to earn money. You can still learn how to become a virtual assistant (VA), even if you only have a few skills under your belt. This entails performing menial tasks for website proprietors or bloggers who run online businesses and are interested in outsourcing particular responsibilities.

There are people conducting business online who will pay a virtual assistant (VA) to check their emails, write content, share posts on social media, update product pages, take pictures, create and cook recipes, and perform a variety of other tasks. There is nothing in this list that is overly challenging, and if you regularly check your personal email and make posts on Facebook, you probably already have the skills necessary to work as a virtual assistant (VA). Every one of your customers will have unique requirements, and many of them will provide training in order to make sure the work is done exactly how they want it. 


Work-at-home mothers who want to generate income over the long term should consider starting a blog. However, if you combine your time spent writing a blog with your participation in other activities that generate income, you stand to gain a great deal. There are a lot of blogs on the internet that bring in thousands of dollars every month through advertising and affiliate links. Affiliate links are unique links that give the owner of the blog a commission whenever a visitor clicks on the link and makes a purchase. It could take you anywhere from six months to one year and a half or even longer get there, depending on the specifics of your market and the amount of time you put into it; however, the results will be well worth it in the long run.


Even though some people may be born with a natural talent for photography, it is definitely a skill that stay-at-home mothers can learn to make money! You can create stock photos to sell online, which other website owners and bloggers can then purchase a license to use on their own websites. You will receive payment every time one of your stock photos is licensed. You could, of course, broaden this into a local photography business by, for example, taking family portraits or photographing events such as weddings or parties. If this is something that piques your interest, feel free to run with the idea and make it your own.

Making sales on Etsy 

No matter what you have to sell to make money from home as a stay-at-home mom, Etsy is a fantastic marketplace for you to do so. It does not work very well for the used items that you already have in your home (unless they are vintage), but if you are creative, you can make new items that you can sell on Etsy at a premium price. 

The fact that users anticipate paying a higher price for handmade and one-of-a-kind items is a positive aspect of this platform. Etsy presents a wonderful opportunity for those who are creative and have a knack for making things to earn a good living from the comfort of their own homes. You can make money online without having to keep any physical inventory by designing printables to sell, even if you're not very good at crafts. The creation of digital printables can be an excellent way to start earning a passive income online without incurring significant initial expenses.

Educating Students in a Course

By sharing their expertise via the internet, a number of educators have transitioned into careers that allow them to work from home. You can make money using this method even if you have never worked as a teacher before, provided that you have a talent or hobby that you are willing to share with other people. There are various platforms available on the internet that will enable you to create a written or video course on any topic that interests you, such as cooking, photography, working out, or organizing your home. You then earn money for every student that enrolls in your course. 

People who don't want to spend their time searching the internet and sifting through the various sources of free information on a subject will gladly pay to enroll in your class. Depending on the material that is being covered in a given course, the price of many available classes ranges from $97 and up. It is not unusual to find a course on certain topics that costs $497 and may have more than 100 students enrolled in it. Imagine for a moment the money you could make if you were taught something that you already excel at and enjoyed doing.


There are many different avenues open to mothers who are interested in earning an income from the comfort of their own homes. These seven examples are barely scratching the surface of the subject. Don't be afraid to think outside the box because coming up with creative solutions can help you make money in the most unexpected of ways. You could increase your monthly income from a few dollars to thousands of dollars by doing something that very few people are doing. If you do what everyone else is doing, you will only make a few dollars per month.


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