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Across the globe, Amazon confirms and is reported to cut three of their major departments estimated to do away with over 1.5 million employees. As early as Monday, November the 14th they started eliminating entire teams. So far their human resources, retail, and even the voice device organization assistant, Alexia have been cut. On Wednesday, November the 16th, they revealed that more reductions will continue to make necessary adjustments. The cuts are said to continue for months and extend into the year 2023. Not only in the USA but Amazon India in the upcoming weeks is said to be notified of cuts. A cease of new hiring will go into affect for months. Amazon has not stated which others will be affected but has revealed that more departments will be hit. As a result, other reputable news sources like New York Times and CNBC report that 10,000 the first week of cuts is expected to be unemployed. 


Why Amazon is Laying-off Employees


After recent annual operating reports, Amazon deemed this necessary. What some do not know is that Amazon in prior recent months had already started the process of laying off employees. They closed all of their call center departments with the exception of one. They also cancelled or delayed many of their warehouse locations. Amazon is said to have reported a decrease in earnings this past October. This troubled investors, causing shares in the company to fall. The recent lay-off has been labeled as the largest in Amazon’s history. Since April 2020, this would be the first time Amazon’s market has been below 1 trillion. As a result, their stock is down 41%, on its way to the worst since 2008.


Creating Our Own Wealth is Important


The lay-offs come right after thousands of other large lay-offs from Meta and Twitter since the recent takeover by Elon Musk. Not to mention all this is happening so close to the holidays. Though Amazon is working with affected individuals offering support and help with finding new roles, workers were not prepared for this. What we all can learn from this is that we never know what will happen in terms of job stability. It’s safe to say that we should strongly consider multiple streams of income. Creating our own wealth, having a few side-hustles, and considering work-from-home opportunities during recent Amazon lay-offs is not only smart but helps with being financially secure.


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